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Glass sippy cups with straws

When it comes to a sippy cup for your young child, one made out of glass may seem a strange choice. Couldn’t it break? Is it safe? This is not ordinary glass though… Glass sippy cups are actually made of borosilicate glass – commonly known as Pyrex. This is a shatter resistant glass, which makes it non toxic, super durable and the drinks inside never come into contact with plastic… so no risk of harmful chemicals contaminating your little one’s drink.

If you’re looking for a glass sippy cup, one with handles and a silicon outer container is a good choice.

Amazon has the following options of glass sippy cups available and more:

highly rated on amazon – over 100 4.3+ * reviews

set of 2 Glass Sippy Cup for Toddlers (Tabor Place)

A pair of green and purple glass sippy cups with silicone straws, easy grip handles and silicone surrounds. Complete with liquid measures viewable through the windows.

Price: $29.99

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